About Us

A place to breathe.

The story of the founding and building of Metro Light PM is one of dreams, hard work, dedication, and cooperation which leads to success and happiness. 

Metro Light was founded in 2005 by two of the current business partners and operated as a luxury service for home investors with a purchase through their Real Estate company.  It’s association and service made it successful for those that were extended this service.  However, as the company grew and its owners became increasingly in-demand of time they sought to find new options or partners which could take the company to the next level and further elevate the service to increased heights and accolade.

Coincidentally, or providentially, one of the owners was approached by a man who was seeking to begin his own business with his partner doing a similar service; having spent many years managing hundreds of homes in the past he believed that his partner and himself had the skills and experience to build their own company quickly and provide a special and highly professional service in the Treasure Valley.  Having worked many positions as employees they dreamed of starting their own company and investing in it the time and energy to make something grow and develop.

The owners of Metro Light, at that time, had the idea of combining experience with this couple and extended to them the invitation to join the ownership.  Thus, the current team was created and Metro Light introduced itself publicly and began its journey to become a company offering the excellence and service we now offer to our homeowners and tenants.

Marcus Tam

Marcus is currently an active investor and developer in real estate markets throughout the great state of Idaho. He has a diverse background and experience in a wide rage of business including high technology, real estate investing, cryptocurrency, foreign exchange study, marketing, import/export to food service. He is a proud graduate of Boise State University, graduating Magna Cum Laude and proudly spends his time developing Boise Businesses. Owner & President, Marcus Tam Real Estate with Boise Premier Real Estate. REALTOR® & Real Estate Investing Consultant

Amy Liang

Amy has a diverse background that has enabled her to fill the delicate role of managing the various incoming and outgoing experiences in a timely and professional manner. Her Diverse background includes Accounting, Real Estate Investment, Business Administration and Customer Service. Her unique perspective, creative thinking, and problem solving are also great assets to the team and assist us in coming up with solutions to the many various situations that arise.

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